About Us

Forgotten Angels Equine Rescue, (FAER) was founded in 2012 by Darlene Supnick and Lisa Draharod after they became aware of the number of horses being sent to slaughter.  Volunteer run and 100% donation based, FAER is the only horse rescue in Burlington County NJ, in the town of Medford.  Our mission is to rescue horses from slaughter auctions and negligent situations, we also provide public awareness through events and fundraisers.  Since our founding we have saved over 350 horses and counting.

What is the process of saving horse?

We fundraise for horses that are at kill auctions. Once we gather enough money to save the horse, we transport them to a quarantine facility where they receive medical care, vaccinations, farrier, and dentistry. The horse may come to the rescue or live with a foster family until we find the right home for them. Kill auctions are not the only place where we find horses in need, we also take horses that are being neglected by their current owners. In these situations, the horses go through the same process as horse from a kill auction.

What if an adopted horse can no longer stay with their family?

When the horses are adopted, we have the new family sign a contract letting them know if for any reason they are unable to keep the horse we will take them back and find them another home.


A world where horses in need are cared for and do not end up at slaughter.


Spread awareness about horse slaughter by rescuing horses in need, providing them with medical care, rehabilitation, and finding them a caring home.