SAVING HORSES from slaughter and negligent situations since 2015.

Established in 2015 by Darlene Supnick and Lisa Draharod after learning about the horse slaughter industry.  Since then, the rescue has saved over 350 horses and taken part in legislative action to protect horses from ending up in a slaughter house. In 2019 Darlene Supnick helped write and advocate for a bill in New Jersey in an an effort to protect more horses, this bill was signed into law in 2020.  We are also a member of the US Horse Coalition, an organization consisting of horse rescues nationwide who have joined together in an effort to pass the SAFE Act, a federal law that would ban the slaughter of horses for consumption.  The rescue had partnered with the SpectraCare Foundation to offer Equine Therapy to veterans.

Our Mission

To rescue equines from slaughter.  Provide transportation, holding facilities, humane and quality care for abused, abandoned and neglected horses.  Promote public awareness regarding the dramatic prevalence of horse slaughter, animal abuse & neglect.

Forgotten Angels Wish List


We would LOVE to have YOU on our EQUINE TEAM!

We’re looking for individuals experienced with:

Horse Care, Barn Maintenance, Fundraising Events, Social Media Platforms and Grant Writing.

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Equine Therapy Program for Veterans

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