What is the Bill S455?

In January 2019 Darlene Supnick, one of the rescue founders testified in front of the New Jersey Senate in support of a bill that would make it one step harder for a horse to end up at a kill auction. This bill requires all horse auctioneers to check if a horse has a microchip, tattoo and post all relevant information online for a minimum of 72 hours. This gives horse owners a chance to find stolen horses, and it gives past owners a chance to save the horse. The auctioneers must also maintain records of any horse they sell for one year.  The bill was signed into law by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy on May 10, 2019



What is the SAFE Act?

The Safeguard American Food Exports Act (SAFE) is a bipartisan measure that would end transport of horses across the border for slaughter. This would essentially eliminate the slaughter of American horses! Please contact your representative and encourage them to support the SAFE Act.