How does the horse slaughter industry work?

For a variety of reasons horses end up at livestock auctions where kill buyers go in and outbid horse owners, buyers, and rescues. The kill buyers cram the horses into trailers and transport them across the border, driving over 24 hours without food or water to the slaughter facilities. Many of these horses are in perfect, healthy condition. These horses come from different places, some from families that can no longer afford them, some are racehorses that were on a racetrack a few days/weeks ago, and some are stolen from their farms.

Are there slaughter facilities in the US?

No, currently the slaughter facilities are in Mexico and Canada, hence the reason for the long trip from the auction to the facility.  According to the USDA, in 2015 about 125,000 horses were exported to slaughter facilities in these two countries, 92% of these horses were in good health.

Are there peacefully euthanized?

Unlike gently euthanasia with a cat or dog the horses are brutally killed. Many facilities in Mexico use the barbaric “puntilla” knife method.  During this process the horse starts to get butchered while still alive.

Other countries consume dog and cat meat, but we don’t allow these animals to be shipped overseas for consumption.

Why should horses be any different?